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When your vehicle suffers a cracked or smashed windshield, you want to deal with it with as little stress – and in as little time – as possible. Taking care of a shattered windshield can be a stressful and costly process, but here at Low Price Auto Glass we guarantee that you will receive the quickest, most efficient service, using the highest quality materials and highest level of customer care in the auto glass industry.

Low Price Auto Glass

Low Price Auto Glass

When you bring your car in to Low Price Auto Glass for a windshield replacement, our expert, certified technicians will provide the following:

  • Competent and efficient service. All of our technicians are experienced and highly-trained, with the expertise to thoroughly inspect the damage, completely and safely remove remaining broken glass from your windshield frame, and professionally install a new windshield so that you would never know it was replaced. In most instances, your windshield replacement – front or rear – can be completed within an hour; and driven home after only one hour’s wait to ensure a complete seal
  • High-quality products and materials. As an essential component of your vehicle’s structural integrity, the quality of your new windshield must be assured. Because our customers’ safety is our number one priority, our replacement windshields are tested rigorously, and we will install only auto glass meeting the original equipment manufacturer’s standards. You can feel safe in the knowledge that all materials we use, including windshield glass and adhesives, meet or even exceed all industry, state, and federal standards for quality and safety.
  • Excellent customer care. At Low Price Auto Glass, we take great pride in our customer service. When you bring your car in for a windshield replacement, we will first inspect it to see if your problem can be solved with a simpler – and less costly – repair option. When installation is complete, our technicians also provide the finishing touches, such as adhering your rear view mirror securely, transferring inspection and registration stickers to your new windshield, thoroughly cleaning the auto glass, vacuuming all signs of broken glass from your car’s interior, and testing all technical components.

Our many satisfied customers will tell you that there is no better auto glass service company in Austin for your windshield replacement needs. Take your vehicle’s safety seriously, and call to schedule your windshield repair or replacement today.


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Cracks in your windshield can be major distractions and safety hazards. The can obstruct your vision causing you to not be able to see the road and other vehicles clearly. They can also pull your attention away from your driving and can lead to a possible collision. If the crack is in your direct line of vision while you’re trying to drive, you can actually receive a ticket for driving around with a cracked windshield.

Damaged windshields can also pose a risk to the structural integrity of your vehicle. Once a crack appears, the entire windshield becomes weaker and becomes more prone to additional cracks and could even collapse entirely. The windshield on many vehicles provides support for the roof of the car, so if you’re in an accident with a cracked windshield, the roof of the car could possibly cave in on top of you.

In addition, if you’re in an accident that sets off your airbag, the force of the airbag hitting the cracked windshield could be enough to completely shatter the glass all over you causing injuries that you may not have sustained if your windshield hadn’t had a crack in it to begin with.

If your windshield is cracked, it’s imperative that you get it fixed or replaced right away. If you aren’t sure if the crack is fixable or if it will require a whole new windshield, our technicians at Low Price Auto Glass can take a look at it and tell you if you need to replace the windshield or not and can give you a price quote on that replacement.

Obviously, if your windshield has been completely shattered due to an accident or a break in it will need to be replaced. Give us a call to get a price quote and if you can’t get your vehicle to us we can come to you to replace your windshield. You will receive quick, quality service from our skilled, certified technicians and you will be shocked at the low prices we can offer that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Our Reputation

Your satisfaction is very important to us and is 100% guaranteed. We encourage you to check out the many excellent 5-star reviews we have received on Yelp, as well as the reviews our satisfied customers have left on our Google+ page. The reviews speak for themselves, but if you’re still curious about Low Price Auto Glass, drop by and check us out in person – you’ll be glad you did.

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