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Cracks or chips in a vehicle’s windshield can compromise the structural integrity of the windshield, and even of the car itself, because a windshield acts as a structural support for an automobile.

In fact, nearly 30% of a vehicle’s structural strength is provided by the windshield. The risk of losing such an important part of the car’s structure – and the protection it provides – makes it doubly important to repair any dings, cracks, or chips as soon as they are noticed, to prevent them from spreading or causing the windshield to fail… resulting in necessary windshield replacement.

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At Low Price Auto Glass, we offer Austin windshield repair of both small chips and large cracks. Our professional services will improve the visibility through your windshield, prevent further damage, and eliminate the danger of losing the important structural support provided by your windshield – all in half an hour or less.

Extremely cold weather will quickly cause a small ding to spread into a horizontal crack. Hot temperatures, on the other hand, will turn a chip into a vertical crack. Add some frigid air conditioning to the mix, and you’ve got a crack that expands rapidly.

Although small dings and chips in a windshield may not look like serious damage, they can weaken the integrity of the laminated glass, and eventually spread to become cracks. Shifts in temperature, additional impacts, and rough roads are stress factors that can cause a chip to grow into a crack and a crack to radiate outward, jeopardizing the seal.

The longer a chipped windshield goes without repair, the more likely a crack will radiate from it.

A windshield adds structural strength to a vehicle, supporting the roof (especially important in rollover accidents), preventing passengers from being thrown from the vehicle, and assisting in the deployment of airbags. To maintain this support and strength, bring your chipped or cracked windshield in to our store and we will get you back on the road quickly!

Our professional, certified technicians can protect you and your passengers with a quick and inexpensive repair job.


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When a rock or other object chips your windshield, it creates a small pit, usually with small “legs” that radiate from the center of the break creating a “Star” break. Sometimes the legs can be partially encircled by a crescent shaped “bulls-eye” forming a “Combination” type break. Since your vehicle’s windshield is made of two pieces of glass with a piece of plastic PVB sandwiched in between, the stone rarely ever shatters the glass completely. This makes a repair possible.

Tiny Legs Can Be Like Time Bombs

Some people can have chips that go for years without ever spreading and others can have a chip spread within seconds after it is formed. Therefore, it can be a gamble to not repair a chip and just see what happens. However, chances are actually quite good that it will indeed spread in time. Between road vibration, water, dirt, and temperature changes that happen in the hot summer and freezing winter, small legs in a rock chip can easily begin to spread across the windshield; forcing you to spend hundreds of dollars to replace it.

Even if your insurance will pay to replace the windshield, why repair a chip even if it costs you some money? Sounds like an odd question. While windshield replacement is often necessary, if it can be fixed, there is no reason to spend the extra money. Let us take a look at your car’s windshield and we will be able to let you know whether or not it can be repaired.

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