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Window chips and dings may look like trivial damage, but they can diminish the structural integrity of your windshield. You should have chips and small cracks in your windshield repaired as soon as possible, before they can spread and grow into a larger problem. At Low Price Auto Glass, we can generally restore a windshield with chips – or even small cracks – in under 30 minutes.

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When you bring your vehicle into our shop – or call our mobile service – for a windshield chip repair, our expert technicians will inspect the damage to ensure that it can be repaired safely and does not require replacement. Then, before we begin the repair process, we will thoroughly protect your car from drips or debris.

The process requires that all moisture, dust, dirt, and tiny loose glass chips be removed from the area to be treated. Then, the chip is filled with a strong, clear resin, which is heat-cured to harden to a strong, transparent seal. Finally, we will clear away any excess, for a smooth, unnoticeable repair. There is no wait time after a chip repair, so within minutes, you can be on your way.



Small windshield cracks may be repairable, preventing the need for a windshield replacement. Professional auto glass repair by a certified technician can keep small cracks from spreading, protecting the seal on your windshield, and thus its structural integrity.

The windshield crack repair process is similar to the way chips are repaired – thorough cleaning of the affected area, application of the clear resin, and curing to complete the seal. Like chip repairs, small cracks in a windshield can usually be repaired within thirty minutes.

Protect your automobile, yourself, and your passengers by correcting small problems like chips and cracks before they become more involved damage requiring windshield replacement or auto glass replacement. Call or stop by Low Price Auto Glass today for our expert auto glass repair service.


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If you have small dings, cracks, or chips in your windshield, Low Price Auto Glass can repair them for you.

A lot of things can cause your windshield to chip or crack such as if a small piece of gravel gets thrown into your windshield from another car. A small object could fly off of or out of other cars and trucks and hit your windshield causing chips or small cracks. You may not even know how a chip in your windshield got there, which means it could happen while your car is parked and you’re not even around.

If you wait too long to have the blemishes repaired, they could get larger and become a much bigger problem that might result in needing to have your entire windshield replaced. It can happen as quickly as overnight. Something as simple as temperature fluctuations, such as turning the heat on in a cold car or even the temperature change between daytime and nighttime, can cause a small chip to become a large crack. For small problems, Low Price Auto Glass can have the repairs done for you in less than 30 minutes.

While you wait for us to repair your windshield you can feel free to use our free Wi-Fi to get any work done you need to do, check emails, or catch up with your family and friends on your favorite social media sites. Or if you just want to relax for a bit you can kick back and watch a little TV.

You’re welcome to shop around for quotes to have your windshield repaired but you’re not likely to find a better price than we can offer you. Not only are our prices the lowest you will find, but our service is excellent. Our technicians are friendly and professional and are willing to answer any questions you may have. The quality of our service can’t be beat, either. Your windshield will arrive to us in damaged condition and will leave looking as good as new. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Our Reputation

Many of our satisfied customers have been thoughtful enough to leave their honest reviews on Yelp about our service. You will find 65 5-star reviews left by customers who have come to us with damaged windshields and have left with their windshields fixed and smiles on their faces. You can also find more reviews left by satisfied customers on our Google+ page.

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