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Low Price Auto Glass is your source for exceptional auto glass repair services in the Austin area. With our substantial inventory of auto glass products for both domestic and foreign automobiles, we offer our customers prompt auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, windshield repair, windshield replacement and/or window tinting services at competitive prices, guaranteed.

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Since our doors first opened in 1988, Low Price Auto Glass has grown to include over 200 locations in 18 states, offering our customers a wide range of glass services, including windshield repair and replacement and legal tinting by professional, certified technicians. We are proud of our reputation for top quality work, extensive inventory, and outstanding customer service, and urge you to peruse the reviews from scores of our satisfied customers.

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At Low Price Auto Glass, our highly-qualified technicians can provide a broad selection of auto glass services, including:

  • Windshield repair and replacement
  • Auto window repair – even side windows and vents
  • Auto window glass replacement
  • Chip repair
  • Professional, legal window tinting, including windshield tops
  • Repair or replacement of window regulators

One of the reasons Low Price Auto Glass has such a loyal customer base is that we offer all of these services at rock-bottom prices. We will beat any advertised price from other auto glass service providers in the area! We are also proud to support students and military personnel by offering 10% discounts to both, and honor our senior citizens with a 10% discount as well.



Low Price Auto Glass Cedar Park Grand Opening!

Low Price Auto Glass Cedar Park Grand Opening

Low Price Auto Glass Cedar Park Grand Opening

The Value of Windshield & Glass Replacement & Repair

After noticing a small crack or dent in their windshield, most people ignore it to save money. This is an awful choice, that while saving money at the moment, can cost you your life anytime you are driving. Windshields support up to thirty percent of your roofs weight. Many key components of cars now are plastic, not the roof, this heavy metal slab could very well come crashing down on your head if your windshield is compromised prior to the crash. In addition to supporting your roof, the windshield also helps your passenger airbag operate. The majority of cars have their passenger airbag in the dashboard, not facing the passenger, but up toward the windshield. The airbag will bounce off the windshield to protect the passenger from harm. If your windshield is installed improperly your windshield may simply pop out, this poses two problems, the air bag will not deploy properly, and your roof will cave in.

If you have noticed your windshield is damaged, you don’t necessarily need to replace it. A properly repaired windshield is just as strong as a newly installed one. When getting your windshield repaired, it is not an at home, do it yourself with whatever is handy kind of job. Yes, people try to mend glass at home, with a range of improper products including clear nail polish and lacquer paint. These fail and can further damage your windshield. While there are do-it-yourself kits available, these are poor quality and users often lack valuable experience.

In the Context of Safety and Intrinsic Value of Your Car

Choosing a glass installer, or repairer is simple, firstly talk to friends and family, they often can recommend someone. Once you have a few places to consider, check that they are all certified. Certification is important because it keeps installers up to date on advances in adhesives as well as ever-changing automotive designs. The windshield is the main safety restraint in your car, not a spot to save a few bucks. Check that your chosen installer has a real location they work from, a home office is great, but not when working on cars. While it is possible to repair and replace windshields on the spot, having a ‘home base’ is an added level of professionalism and reassurance that the job will be done right. There is a strong layer of vinyl between two glass panels in your windshield, this vinyl prevents you from flying out of the car in a crash but also prevents anything from coming in from the outside.

The two most common things technicians do wrong are not wearing gloves, and skipping the application of proper bonding agents. By not wearing gloves the oil on their hands prevents adhesives from properly bonding. Not applying bonding agents properly is just as bad, by skipping key steps such as primer, the adhesive properties are compromised. A couple questions to ask of potential glass repair/replacement shops is if they use original equipment glass, which is higher quality and offers a better fit. Another is how long the car needs to sit after installation. An hour is the minimum answer you want to hear, anything less and you may as well install your windshield with play dough. Installing a windshield only takes an hour or so, when it is done check that the molding is straight, there is no visible adhesive and there there is no debris inside the car. While the last two are not critical they can be signs of a lazy job.

Repairing a windshield is cheaper, and often acceptable, however it needs to be done as soon as the damage occurs. Cracks can be repaired up to 15 inches, as long as they don’t touch two or more sides of the windshield Covering the chip or crack with clear tape prevents dirt from entering the area and makes repairs more successful. Rates for repairs vary around the country, call around and see what the average for your area is, anywhere from $10 to $100 is common, all dependent on your location.

Older pitted, or hazed windshields should also be replaced, even if they are not otherwise damaged. Windshield repair is usually covered by your comprehensive insurance, which often has a low deductible. Meaning you could get your windshield replaced for as little as $50, or less depending on your deductible. Aside from the saftey of having an optimal windshield, a new or repaired windshield will raise the value of your car when compaired to a damaged or broken one. A small investment in a windshield can add anywhere form hundreds to thousands to the resell value of your car.